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Let us pour for You!

The Boozy Bus


Are you looking for that one thing that makes your wedding/party memorable and talked about for years? Introducing the Jersey Shore's newest Mobile Bar,            THE BOOZY BUS!!

Please read this in its entirety. You will be required to sign and date an area on the contract if renting The Boozy Bus.

- It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the trailer and truck can safely be driven in and out of their given venue. The trailer (14 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet tall) must have adequate space free from branches and other debris that could scratch/harm the trailer or prohibit it from safe entry/exit. The road in/out of the venue must be suitable for driving our truck/trailer and a place to park. The desired location for the trailer to be set up must be on a FLAT surface that is either concrete or asphalt. Grass/gravel/bark and other soft ground surfaces are not suitable for our trailer bars. The trailer can easily be moved on concrete/asphalt but may be to heavy on other surfaces. If your desired location is not on concrete/asphalt it must be approved by Shakers Mobile Bartending Service owner.  If for any reason the Shakers owners deem the conditions unsafe to tow the trailer into the venue the day of the event the clients will be charged their deposit and services may not be provided. - It is the responsibility of the client to provide a tent or other coverage for the trailer  in case of inclement weather. -It is the responsibility of the client to provide electricity capability to the trailer. We will have our own extension cords to be able to plug in. - Clients must make sure all alcohol is provided (NJ is a dry hire state) and that it is delivered to the desired location of the trailer. The alcohol must be placed at the location of where the trailer should be set up so that Shakers team can set-up for the event without issue of gathering/moving the alcohol.  - At the end of the event there needs to be a clear path for the truck to be able to pull the trailer out. It is the client's responsibility to make sure there are not tables, chairs etc. blocking the trailer in. This needs to be planned out before the event and should be made aware to the wedding planner if there is one. Please keep this in mind when we decide on where the trailer should be placed for your event. - Any additional insurance of any kind required by the venue will be paid for by the client. Shakers Mobile Bartending Services will already be providing General and Liquor Liability Insurance.

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